About CIBT

Our vision is to be the premier visa service
across a global footprint

About CIBT

We are the world’s largest provider of short-term visas, and our wholly-owned immigration subsidiary, Newland Chase is a leading global immigration firm. With operations in The Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Asia Pacific our combined capabilities offer a competitive, global short-term travel solution that seamlessly integrates with long-term immigration service management. Global consistency, adherence to policy across our global footprint, and award winning technology drive our ability to assist our client’s with safe and compliant mobilization programs.  We are uniquely positioned to deliver short and long-term visa and immigration solutions across the globe.

Our Mission

To expertly navigate complex visa and immigration regulations enabling people to work, live, and visit around the world.



Our Customer Commitment

Through our in-depth knowledge, global expertise, and with a singular focus on achieving results, we commit to providing a superior experience to our clients with each and every engagement.

John Donoghue

President & Chief Executive Officer

CIBT is a fast-growing, dynamic company. Every one of us at CIBT is focused on delivering high-quality service to our clients on every interaction. Whether you’re a software engineer, visa consultant, or a consular liaison, our mission is clear: clients receive the highest quality service every time they use CIBT.

Our Values

  • Expertise

    We apply our expertise and knowledge to provide innovative solutions for clients.

  • Service Excellence

    We are passionate about providing clients with a superior experience on each and every engagement.

  • Teamwork

    We work collaboratively and seamlessly across a global footprint to deliver exceptional client satisfaction.

  • Integrity

    We protect our clients’ interests, data and reputations through a strong ethical culture and rigorous compliance programs.

  • Global Diversity

    We embrace the diversity of operating a global business to create a unique culture for the benefit of clients and employees.

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