Beth Chadwick

Director of Program Management, North America

When Beth joined CIBT in 2010, she didn’t know that her career would evolve so quickly and that she would end up moving to the US.  Beth started as a Project Manager in our London office, rolling out our website and linking our systems. Fast forward seven years and Beth is now the Director of Program Management for North America and located in our corporate office.

Since joining CIBT, Beth has worked on multiple projects, earning a reputation as one who can quickly identify and solve problems.  That reputation has garnered her recognition, leading to requests for support across our global business.

It is so rewarding to be part of a new project, watching it take shape from the discovery phase through to launching a new global initiative.  CIBT has given me the opportunity work with the best, visit places I have never been, and grow within the company.

When Beth started working in our London office, she was a key part of the company’s global standardization initiative of our proprietary systems.  Following the successful implementation and launch of the UK project, Beth went on to lead the project for the Netherlands and German systems integration. She spent nine months in Berlin and continues to refer to it as one of the best moments in career.  After leaving Germany, she relocated to the US to oversee the systems integration project.  This was an incredibly exciting time for Beth – a period of personal and professional growth, new responsibilities and career progression that resulted in a promotion to Director of Program Management, North America.

Beth has laid down roots in the US and credits herself on having traveled to 27 states since her arrival in 2012, 12 of those in one year.  She thrives on traveling and learning about other cultures.  She credits CIBT for her travel to Belgium, Netherland, Germany and Canada, but the other twenty countries that she has visited were the result of her passion for travel.  Her top cities to date include: Los Angeles, Paris, London, and, of course, her hometown of Manchester.

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