Jane Gulielmitti

Global Mobility Solutions: Executive Services Lead

Jane grew up in São Paulo and went to college about eight hours from her home to study international relations, with a goal of becoming a diplomat.  Upon returning to her hometown after college graduation, her love for people, languages, culture and diversity shifted her career path from public service after a friend referred her to an immigration firm in CIBT’s family of companies.  It was there, in 2012, that she launched a career that four years later would land her in Washington DC.

While in Brazil, she prepared visa applications, engaged with clients, and worked closely with Brazilian consulates across the globe.   She thrived on the changing regulations and continued to grow and stretch, becoming an expert that earned her a strong reputation.  Her expertise, loyalty and dedication were noticed, and she was identified for an international opportunity with the company.  After three years in the role, Jane saw this as a unique experience and the perfect time to take on a new challenge.

Although Jane had never been to the United States, she eagerly, and somewhat nervously, went for a month of training to the DC office.  Shortly after her return to Brazil she packed up her belongings and returned to DC with a promotion and the responsibility of leading a small team.

Anyone who has met Jane knows that she loves what she does. She is always thinking with an international mindset, embracing the diversity of the clients she works with and the team she leads.

Jane’s team currently includes individuals from Afghanistan and Peru.  Jane not only wants to develop her team, but also to challenge herself, developing her leadership skills through our Management Excellence training program and learning different aspects of the business.  Although Jane loves the DC area, she is also open to relocating and immersing herself into a new office, role, and culture.

She has a passion for music and started playing keyboard when she was five, transitioning to classical music in her teens.  At sixteen she started saving for a piano and was able to buy one – a year later she moved to the states and the piano sits in her parent’s home.  She has started saving again, knowing she won’t make the same mistake twice.  Until she figures out her next chapter, she will enjoy the city and it’s abundance of live music, and continue to save.

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